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Glee and other things

So I finally came around and watched the first Season of Glee - I like it, makes me kinda happy sometimes.
That be 3 Shows now I am watching - Lie to Me (Tim Roth is awesome ) Hawaii 5-0 (Alex O´Loughlin is one fine man) And in Glee *grins* Well Matthew Morrison isn´t hard on the eyes either - and he kinda reminds me of my first music-teacher O_o" HEEEEEEEEEEEEELPPPP

But..TV Wise I am kinda really happy. Sadly- TV-Land isn´t Reality-land so I don´t get to know when somebody lies to me who was supposed to be a friend, draw a gun on them when I find out and then break into a wonderful song. *sighs*

Reality is such a dreadful place sometimes. I had this friend - well I thought she was (I mentioned her in a previous German entry.) Whom I thought of as a friend for a long time. Wasted time as it turned out. All along it was all but about friendship - and then she called me to say how sorry she would be. But she has had so many chances that I just said no and deleted her from every list and adress book she was in. Reality is something that hurts but you stand there and face it because you are you &hearts

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